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For Our Parents

IMOSHere are the Ingredients for this 8th-grade fundraiser! 

  1. What is the deal on the card?  
    • BOGO any size pizza up to 10 times with ONE CARD.
  2. How much are the cards? 
    • $10 each
  3. When does the sale start? 
    • September 30th
  4. How can I purchase it?  
  5. Are we accepting other methods of payment other than My School Bucks?
    • Yep!!  Walk up to the card pick-up and pay with cash or a check made out to ICD School
  6. How do families get their cards?
    • Cards will be sent home with students.
  7. Will they also be for sale at the Cornhole Tournament?
    • Yep!!  Pick up or purchase at the Cornhole Tournament on 10/16/21
  8. When does the sale end?
    • October 20th

Questions?  Please contact Erin Coleman at ecoleman@fz.k12.mo.us