Tuition Assistance

For the sake of your family’s security and peace of mind, and for the general financial stability of our school, we encourage parents or guardians to contact the pastor or the principal as soon as possible if and when they are experiencing economic difficulties. If economic difficulties arise after scholarship deadlines pass, or during the middle of the school year, families should not hesitate to inform the principal or pastor of their needs. Circumstances will be reviewed by the pastor and principal, and we will make the opportunity to apply for financial aid available to you.

Today & Tomorrow Education Fund - The Archdiocese of St. Louis
The Archdiocese provides financial help to Catholic School families through the Today & Tomorrow Education Fund (TTEF). There are several types of support available, including, but not limited to, Beyond Sunday Grants and Alive! In Christ Scholarships.
  • One application is used to apply for all scholarships funded by the Catholic Education Office, the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri, and the Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation.
  • To apply, please visit and click Apply Here. The Scholarship Office at TTEF will review your family’s application and determine if your family is eligible for any awards offered based on each program’s guidelines and funding availability. The application is online only and is free of cost!
  • If you are awarded funds for the 2023-2024 school year through a TTEF Scholarship, you will be notified by mail the first week of April 2023.
MOScholars via T.T.E.F.
We are pleased to announce that the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office has approved the Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation (TTEF) as an Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) for the K-12 Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program: MOScholars
MOScholars will be added to TTEF's scholarship program offerings. Please see this helpful flier for more information!
TTEF is pre-screening families who may be eligible to receive a MOScholars scholarship. Please click here to learn about your possible eligibility for this program: MO Scholars ESA Scholarship Pre-qualification Survey
ICD Parish & School Tuition Assistance - Available to Registered ICD Parishioner Families 
Some families will require additional financial support above and beyond what is awarded from TTEF. For these families, ICD Parish & School sets aside $100,000.00 for tuition assistance to offer to families that are registered members of ICD Parish. Families wishing to be considered for this additional tuition support must first apply for assistance from TTEF and then will need to complete an additional application for aid through FACTS. This application, opening on April 1st, can be found at, and can be accessed using your existing FACTS online account information, or by creating a new online profile. Any funds awarded through ICD Parish & School Tuition Assistance will be automatically credited to your FACTS Tuition Management account.