K8 Admissions Policy & Timeline

ICD Catholic School Policy of Admission for Kindergarten through 8th grade. Approved by School Board 2018:

Priority of acceptance and enrollment of students expressing interest in attending ICD's K8 School will be offered based on the following stipulations, in the order they are listed. 

  1. Active Parishioner families with children already attending Immaculate Conception Catholic School, preschool through 8th
  2. Parishioners of Immaculate Conception, Dardenne
  3. Non-parishioner Catholic with written permission from their pastor.
  4. Non-Catholics. Parents of non-Catholic students must agree to their children’s religious education and participation in religious activities.
    1. Acceptance of non-Catholic students may not be confirmed until August 1st of the coming school year. 
If you require clarification on any of these policies, please contact the ICD School Office.
For students transferring to ICD K8 School from another school, either at the beginning of the year or mid-year, initial acceptance can be offered based on grade level availability.
Final acceptance is based on the following:
  • A review of academic records. For students joining ICD at the beginning of an academic year, ICD will not request records from the previous school until the prior year is concluded.
  • A successful shadow-day experience with a current ICD student.
  • A family meeting with our Principal.
If final acceptance to a transferring middle school student is offered after this records review, shadow day, and meeting, it is offered on a 90-school-day probationary basis, which would begin with the first day of school attendance. Periodic reviews of this status are facilitated through evaluations of academic performance, conduct and behavior, and adjustment and acclimation to our school and culture.
If you require clarification on any of these policies, please contact the ICD School Office.
Admissions Timeline
November -  before the academic year
1. Complete a Prospective Family Intention Form.
To be considered for acceptance in preschool or our K8 school for the upcoming year, you must have a Parish School Intention Form on file with the school office.
2. Admissions staff will contact families with forms on file to confirm plans for the Fall.
3. Tours are only available for families with an intention form on file.
January - before the academic year Notification of enrollment status - accepted or waitlisted - will be communicated to families. Registration information will be sent when applicable.
August 1 - before the academic year Confirmation of acceptance of non-Catholic Students.

Registration Timeline

The last week of January through the first week of February Priority Preschool Registration 
  • Priority registration for ICD's preschool is extended to registered ICD Parishioner Families with students currently enrolled in ICD School, preschool through 8th grade.
  • Currently is defined as one calendar year, two full semesters, or more.
The second & third weeks of February - Preschool Registration for registered ICD Parishioners.
The second & third weeks of February - K-8 Registration 
  • Registration for ICD's K-8 school is extended to existing ICD School families and those families with incoming Kindergarten students and 1st through 8th-grade students who have previously received an acceptance letter.
The third week of February - Open inquiries for Preschool Registration.
The first week of March - Open inquiries for K-8 Registration.
April  - Kindergarten Screening for all accepted and waitlisted Kindergarten Applicants.
August 1 - Confirmation of enrollment/placement for non-Catholic applicants.
Early August  - New Family Orientation & Welcome Back Celebration.