Preschool » Printing a Tax Statement

Printing a Tax Statement

sdvdIs it TAX TIME? Right around the time preschool parents are calling the office looking for receipts, we are busy with registration! So if you don't want to wait, you can print your receipt yourself by following these steps!
To access your FACTS Payment history:
  2. Log in
    1. If you have signed in to FACTS before, click the green sign-in button.
    2. If you have not logged in to FACTS before, Click the Grey create a username and password button.
    3. If you are not sure if you've logged in to FACTS before, please call FACTS customer support at (866) 441-4637
  3. Click on View Details
  4. Click on View Payment Summary
  5. Select the year or specify a date range and click View, then click Next.
  6. Then Print
  7. ICD's Tax ID number will be included on the form.