Invoices in My School Bucks?

This time of year, the school office is looking to settle accounts!

Do you have outstanding fees that need to be paid?
  • 23/24 HSO Obligations 
  • Past Due Continued Care Invoices
  • 6th Grade Camp Fees
  • Remaining 24/25 Registration Fees
  • Fish Fry Shift Fines (Coming soon, but, let's be honest, IYKYK)
  • Negative Lunch Account Balances
  • Past Due Musical Theatre Club Participation Fees
  • Past Due Library Fines
With the exception of newly incurred continued care attendance fees and library fines, all of the above fees and fines should be resolved by the end of April.
Families with any of the above balances will lose access to Teacher Ease until their balances are paid or until they contact the school office to make payment arrangements. 
The following passages are from the 23/24 Parent & Student Handbook:
  • When possible, any fees and fines that remain unpaid after their due dates will be added as charges to a family’s FACTS tuition agreement, which will be paid via automatic withdrawal.
  • Students of families with unpaid fees, fines, or tuition will not be placed in a homeroom for the following academic year until balances have been cleared or payment arrangements have been made with the Principal.
  • For students transferring or graduating out of ICD, any unpaid balance of fees, fines, or tuition will prevent the transfer of records to the new school.

If you have any questions regarding fees or fines, don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Oetjen in the school office. 636-561-4450, ext. 124.