Watching and observing at ICD Parish Preschool...

From the Desk of Mrs. Christian...

 September 21, 2023


We have all heard the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” If we are being honest, some of us have probably used this saying ourselves, maybe even with our own children. The problem with this old adage, however, is that our children are always watching what we are doing.  They learn a tremendous amount about life from simply watching us. Because we are their entire world, especially when they are young, they frequently emulate what we do. This means that we need to remember that our children are watching the way that we treat one another. They are watching...

  • our reactions when we experience frustration
  • the way that we approach challenges
  • the way that we handle our stress
  • when we either support or break the rules in our world
  • our interactions with our friends and family and with our spouse.
With everything that they observe, they learn something new about life. This does not mean that, however, that we need to be perfect in everything we do - we will make mistakes, just like our children do. But, our children will also be watching when we accept responsibility for those mistakes and work to make things right.


As we start to experience a bit of fall weather and cooler mornings, remember that we will be going outside for recess. Please send your child with a jacket when it is needed, or leave one in the bottom of your child’s backpack, and make sure that it is labeled with your child’s name. 


In an effort to help our students take responsibility at school, we are encouraging them to clean up after themselves at lunchtime. This means that they put their own trash in the trashcan when they finish lunch, clean up big pieces of food off the floor at the end of the lunch shift, and use a small broom to sweep up any messes they may have made while eating. We appreciate you helping your child learn these skills at home by allowing them to help you clean up after mealtime as well!