Preschool News & Updates

February 2, 2023

Each Thursday here at ICD, St. Vincent DePaul hosts a food pickup for local families who are in need. I am always overwhelmed by the number of cars that are present to accept the donations that are being offered. If you take a quick glance around Dardenne Prairie, Lake St. Louis, and our surrounding areas, it would be easy to assume that there is not much need that exists. However, the need is great even where we live. Thus, it is important for us as parents and educators to teach our children how to live generously, how to give without judgment, and how to see all through the eyes of Jesus. This is part of the mission that we live each day at ICD and we are grateful for all you do to support us in this mission. Thank you for your generous donations this week to both the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louis Crisis Nursery.

The article, “How to Teach Your Kids about Giving” provides information on teaching your children to practice stewardship in their daily lives.  

Thank you to all for helping us to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! It was a great week with lots of fun, learning, laughter, and pride in our ICD school community!

Valentine’s Day parties are quickly approaching. Thank you to HSO and our preschool room parents for all they will do to make these parties a success!