On Campus

What a great year it has been for Technology at ICD, especially in the classroom!

Beginning this academic year, ICD has offered more STEM in the classrooms!  A new course was created that focused on programming, 3D Design and electronics. This elective course was open to grade level 6 and above.

During the first semester, we focused on programming and used a web software from MIT called 'App Inventor'. 'App Inventor' is a software that allows the students to create simple apps using a visual type of environment.

During the second semester, we learned how to create 3D objects and print them. Later, we focused on electronics using the micro controller, Arduino and C+ programming.  Arduino allows the creation of electronic devices and then the ability to program them.

This year has been a time of great learning experiences for the students and also for myself. The best part has been watching the students complete projects and witnessing their enthusiasm when a project works!