ICD Parish & School Local Scholarships

  • After TTEF award amounts are communicated to families, there is still help available!  Families can request financial support from ICD School & Parish for economic difficulties if their scholarship amounts from TTEF are not enough. ICD School & Parish prioritizes $80,000 a year for tuition assistance. 

  • Families seeking aid directly from ICD will be required to complete an online application through the FACTS Tuition Management Website - ICD Parish & School Scholarship Application.  Please note, filling out this application does not preclude a conversation with the principal or pastor.

  • The application for tuition assistance through ICD will open on April 1, 2019.  There will be a $35.00 application fee. 

  • Families are required to apply for Archdiocesan assistance prior to requesting support from ICD parish.  

  • Funds granted from ICD Parish and school will be automatically applied to your FACTS Tuition Management Account.

  • Like TTEF scholarships, this will be an annual application and renewal process.


Please note, for the sake of your family’s security and peace of mind, and for the general financial stability of our school, we encourage parents or guardians to contact the Pastor or the Principal as soon as possible when they are experiencing economic difficulties. If economic difficulties arise after scholarship deadlines pass, or during the middle of the school year, families should not hesitate to inform the Principal or Pastor of their need. Circumstances will be reviewed by the Pastor and Principal, and we will make the opportunity to apply for financial aid available to you.