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#5 - 20/21 Registration - HSO Obligation Acknowledgement

This form is to be completed ONCE per family. Please reference the Home & School Organization Policy document included in your registration packet for information pertaining to the HSO Obligation, and possible discounts. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

Parents' Marital Status*
Please select the most appropriate option as it pertains to the fulfillment of your family's HSO Obligation.
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The school frequently receives the $350.00 HSO Financial Obligation in payments from more than one parent. The parents must come to their own agreement about the sharing of payments. So we may keep accurate records, which parent will be responsible for the HSO Financial Obligation?

1. Mother & Father will fulfill 100% of HSO obligation together*
If answering "Yes", this form is complete. If answering "No", please proceed to questions 2 & 3.
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