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#2 - 20/21 Registration - Authorized Pick Up List

This form is to designate trusted adults who have your permission to pick up your children from school, either at the end of the school day or in the event of a child leaving early, whether due to illness or an off campus appointment.  The ICD School Office will ask for identification upon the arrival of any person(s) whose purpose is to sign a child out of school.

Please consider any instances where you will communicate a change of pickup for your children to the school office or the Preschool Director. Complete the form below with the names of parents in your carpool or any parents who may take your child home from school occasionally. If you would like to have more than 4-5 people on your list, please email Mrs. Jorie O'Toole at jorie.otoole@icdschool.org , with any additional names.  

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