Home & School Organization (HSO)

Welcome to the ICD Home & School Organization (HSO)! Parents of children attending ICD School (K-8) are automatically members of the HSO. The ICD HSO exists for four main purposes:
  • To provide communication between parents of students and members of the school staff. 
  • To provide support for the educational programs of the school. 
  • To provide the school with financial support for needed expenses not included in the school's budget. 
  • To provide the families of ICD a sense of community through HSO-sponsored events and activities held throughout the year. 
2023 - 2024 HSO Executive Committee
  • President: Kristin Hyman
  • Vice President: Kate Creamer
  • Secretary: Kristy Dehne
  • Treasurer: Maggie Blattel
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Second Grade
Third Grade
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Eighth Grade

Thank you to the students, teachers, parents, and all in the extended ICD family for your support in completing 4,756 Acts of Kindness!

With the generosity of a jaw-dropping anonymous donation of $5,000 and over 650 participants’ efforts, ICD smashed its goal and raised $69,000! Our plans include: 

  • A donation to Youth In Need charity just in time for the holidays.
  • A library revamp.
  • The preschool will get new sensory tools.
  • And a few other bonus opportunities to spread the love are still being discussed as this amount of generosity was not expected.

Please extend our gratitude to all who supported the students’ efforts over the past 3 weeks. The ICD community is amazing.