Sixth Grade » 2023 Sixth Grade Camp Information & Forms

2023 Sixth Grade Camp Information & Forms

Dear 6th Grade Parents,


Please pray for nice weather the week of April 24th to 28th! Below are the 6th Grade Camp Online Permission Forms. Please read through all of the forms. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Sanborn. All forms must be completed by Friday, April 14th.

You will automatically be directed to the next form when you submit the first form. If you lose your place or need to complete forms for a second student, please return to this page, as all forms are individually linked below. 

Forms to be completed:

  1. ICD Camp Permission Form - Please include emergency contacts and phone numbers with area codes.
  2. Camp Lakewood Liability Waiver (horseback riding, challenge course, zipline, and wall climb)
  3. Camp Health Form
  4. Pain Medication Permission Form
  5. Camp Code of Conduct - to be completed by students and parents
  6. Medication Permission Form *as needed (Your child does not need a physical for camp or a doctor’s slip for prescription medications)

*Medications are due to Mrs. Sanborn by Thursday, April 13th. Please follow the instructions on the medication form for prescription medications.  Please refer to the section below for more detailed information regarding medications.


Mrs. Sanborn, Mrs. Schultz, and Mrs. Naeger




While at camp Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Naeger, and I are in charge of dispensing medications to your child. With these forms, you will find an online form to fill out AND a Medication Slip PDF that you can print at home or I can send a paper copy home with your child. You DO NOT need to have a doctor sign these slips. However, if your child takes any prescription medication, it is pertinent to complete BOTH the online and paper medication forms so we can dispense their medication while at camp.

Medication in Ziploc bag with Form 

Please fill out the online medication form as well as the paper version of the form. Include the paper medication form with the medication in a ziplock bag. If you have multiple medications, put each medication in its paper form in a separate bag. You can then put all of your child’s bags in one large ziplock bag. The medication should be in original prescription bottles.

ADD Medications

If your child routinely takes medications for ADD, it is recommended by the camp staff that they continue this medication while at camp so that they have a successful week. Students need to be able to focus and pay attention more than ever while at camp so they are safe. The teachers dispense medications after breakfast, at dinner, and before bedtime as needed. We are discreet about this.

Seasonal Allergies

If your child suffers from SEASONAL ALLERGIES, please send in allergy medication so we can give it to your child as needed. Many children suffer from seasonal allergies at camp due to the abundance of plants and trees.  Please send this medication with the medication slips and we will make sure they get it as needed. 

Pain Medications

We will be providing pain medications for your child if needed. Complete the PAIN Medication permission section of these online forms for pain medication. Indicate which pain medication you would prefer. 


Please make sure all medications are not expired. If your child occasionally uses an inhaler and you don’t have a duplicate, please send the permission form in a baggie to school and give me the inhaler in the MORNING OF CAMP. If you keep medications at school with the ICD nurse, you need to get these prior to Friday, April 21st. 

Sore throats are common at camp due to talking and yelling all day! You may send cough drops with your child and they may keep these with them to use as needed. We will also have cough drops available. We will also have cream for itching and poison ivy with us as needed. 

Once again, please send in all medications by Friday, April 14th. Organizing the medicine is a big job, and I need time to properly prepare them for camp. Remember we are discreet when dispensing medications. If you have any questions about medications, please send me an email and I will get back to you.

All medications go to Mrs. Sanborn to be organized for camp.