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2022 2023 Dress Code & Uniform Information


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Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms

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Fischer’s School Uniforms

  • Fischer’s is the ONLY OPTION for Preschool Uniforms
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Company Casuals

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ICD Spirit Wear
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          • Used Uniform Sale
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          • Tommy Hilfiger

Dress Code Information


(text in blue denotes updated information for the 22/23 school year)

The school requires a standard uniform for both boys and girls. This uniform should reflect the values we hold in our mission of empowering students through love and virtue, to develop their Catholic faith, their intellect, and a community of One Spirit in Christ Jesus. Students’ appearance should reflect their pride in our community, allow them to focus on their education, and allow teachers to focus on teaching. 

It is the parent’s responsibility, along with their child, to ensure children are dressed in accordance with the dress code. It is not the responsibility of the school or school staff to see that children are in proper uniform each day. Immaculate Conception Dardenne requests assistance, in accordance with the school’s mission, to cooperate and support the school dress code. All clothing should be neat, clean, pressed and mended when necessary.

No uniform/dress code can cover all eventualities or possibilities. It should be understood that the Principal will have the final decision about acceptable and unacceptable attire.


  • Uniforms may be purchased through Fischer’s School Uniforms or Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms. Parents may also purchase from other outlets that carry appropriate uniform attire.
  • Spiritwear may be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms and the ICD Spiritwear Store at Company Casuals. 


There are no requirements for logos or crests on ICD uniform shirts. Parents may choose to have the logo embroidered on the uniform.


The standard ICD uniform shirt is a collared shirt that may be short or long-sleeved.  Specific brand logos and pleats are not permitted. 

Girls and Boys will have a choice of wearing a knit polo style shirt in white, light blue, or navy or a cotton oxford style shirt, in white or light blue. Performance (dri-fit) polos may also be worn if brand/logo free.

8th-grade students are permitted to wear a polo-style shirt in cardinal red, with or without an ICD crest. 

If an undershirt is worn beneath the uniform shirt, it must be logo free and white. Undershirt sleeve length should match the shirt sleeve length. Shirts must be tucked in completely at all times.  Shirt hems must be long enough to be tucked in and stay tucked in.


Pants must be uniform style in navy blue twill or corduroy, with a plain or pleated front.  Uniform style is defined as straight-leg pants with inside pockets on the front and back (no outside stitched pockets or rivets) with zipper closure.

Stirrup pants, knit pants, yoga-style pants, leggings, or stretch pants are unacceptable.  Pants must be worn at the waistline. Jeans, oversized or sloppy pants, or pants worn below the waistline, will not be permitted.

Shorts must be navy blue uniform style walking shorts with zipper, belt loops, and inside pockets, (no outside stitched pockets or rivets). Performance golf shorts may also be worn if logo free.

Shorts must be of appropriate fit and length. PE shorts, or athletic/basketball style shorts, are not considered walking shorts and are not allowed except for PE.


A dark blue, black, or brown belt must be worn with pants and shorts for students in grades 1-8. No oversized or decorative buckles are allowed. Belts for Kindergarten are optional.


Dark blue plaid jumpers for grades K through 4 can be purchased through Fischer's School Uniform/Just Me Apparel or Tommy Hilfiger. These outlets have the ICD official plaid, the designated fabric chosen to represent Immaculate Conception Catholic School.

Dark blue plaid skirts for grades 5 through 8 may be purchased through Fischer's/Just Me Apparel or Tommy Hilfiger. Skirts and jumpers must be no shorter than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap. Skirts may not be rolled up at the waist.

If a girl’s skirt is not in compliance with the uniform length, a dress code referral will be sent home and there will be a two-week period in which the skirt must be fixed or a new one purchased. If the skirt is not remedied by the end of the two weeks, an administrator will provide a skirt for the student to borrow until the skirt length is addressed.


Shorts must be worn at all times under the jumper or skirt. Stretch bike shorts in the colors of solid black or navy blue are strongly recommended. 


Basic, solid navy blue leggings or tights worn underneath the standard uniform jumper or skirt will be acceptable attire for girls. Girls wearing leggings will still be required to wear regular school socks. No long pants may be worn under skirts or jumpers. This includes when on the playground.


Students in grades K through 8 choosing to wear a sweatshirt may wear an official ICD navy blue sweatshirt, an ICD navy blue hooded sweatshirt, or an ICD Prairie Dog hooded sweatshirt. Students may also wear the official navy blue embroidered fleece with a small embroidered left chest ICD logo. A uniform shirt must be worn under the sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, or fleece.

8th-grade students will have the option of purchasing and wearing a red, hooded ICD sweatshirt, ¼ zip sweatshirt, or standard sweatshirt with the ICD left chest logo; or an administration-approved sweatshirt, e.g. pro-life, 8th-grade class sweatshirt. A uniform shirt must be worn under the sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, or fleece.

ICD sweatshirts are the only sweatshirts that will be allowed to be worn in school or church. Students will be asked to remove other jackets or sweatshirts.


Navy blue v-neck, crew neck, or cardigan with long sleeves or sweater vest may be worn. A shirt or turtleneck must be worn under the sweater.


White, gray, navy blue, or black are the only acceptable colors for socks.  Socks should be solid colored and may contain a small logo. Solid white, gray, navy blue, or black knee socks may be worn with girls’ uniforms.


Shoes must be oxford style or standard athletic style shoes.  

Athletic shoes must be predominantly one color. The shoe may have other accent colors on it.  Standard hi/mid/low top shoes are acceptable as long as they fit properly.

Oxford shoes may be black, gray, navy blue, or brown. Sperry style (loafer or boat) shoes are acceptable as long as they are of approved colors and fit properly.


  • No lighted shoes, roller shoes, oversize shoes
  • No sandals, heels, platform/wedges, open toe, or open back shoes of any kind
  • No boots
  • Shoes designed to be tied must have shoestrings and must be tied tightly
  • Shoelaces must be a solid color
  • Standard athletic shoes must be worn for PE classes.



No make-up of any kind is allowed for grades K through 6. Girls in grades 7 and 8 may wear a small amount of concealer. Full-coverage makeup and mascara are not allowed for any grade.

Nail polish is allowed for girls in grades 5-8 only. Fake/acrylic/press-on nails are not allowedGirls in 8th grade may have their nails professionally done no more than 1 week before confirmation/graduation. Nails should not pose a distraction from learning.

Girls may wear small post earrings, only one stud earring per earlobe. Earrings hanging below the earlobe or multiple earrings in one ear are not permitted. Girls may not have any other piercing. Boys may not wear earrings or have any other piercing. 

Students may wear one necklace (not choker style). Bracelets and rings are not allowed. ICD-related bracelets given out as gifts, prizes, or to raise awareness may be worn. 

Boys or girls may wear time-telling wristwatches without sounds or alarms. Smartwatches (watches with the ability to connect to the internet or Bluetooth) are not permitted. For safety reasons, watches and necklaces should be removed during PE classes.


Hair must be neat and clean. A hairstyle must be in keeping with the total image the uniform represents – that is, no hairstyles such as coloring, faux hawks, shaving of patterns or lines, hair extensions, wraps, feathers, or beading.

For girls, hair should be kept out of the eyes and not hanging over the eyes. Hair ornaments must be in keeping with the total image the uniform represents. Excessive, large, or distracting hair accessories are not allowed. Hair bows, for example, should be small.

For boys, hair should be well-kept, kept out of the eyes, and not hanging over the eyes. Patterns, lines, shapes, and other distinctive forms of head shaving, ponytails, braids, and mullets are not permitted. Acceptance of other haircuts is at the discretion of the administration. Boys must be clean-shaven.

Girls’ and boys’ hair must be their God-given color. Hair may not be bleached, highlighted, or have other chemical alterations.

PE uniforms are optional for boys and girls in grades 6 through 8. The PE uniform includes a plain or ICD-logoed gray t-shirt and plain or ICD-logoed navy blue shorts. Shorts, at the shortest point of the fabric, must measure below the longest fingertips when arms are at rest. Navy blue sweats may be worn on colder days.

All students (K-8) must wear standard tennis shoes with non-scuffing soles during PE class. Laces must be tied or fastened tightly.


Name tags are an important safety feature and are required as part of the uniform. Name tags must be worn on the collar at all times, including lunch and recess. Name tags should be attached to the collar with a standard, school-issued clip. Name tags should remain neat without stickers, markings, or other obstructions. Name tags include important information regarding the student's name, class, teacher, lunch number, and medical school codes. Name tags for K through 4 will be left at school nightly. 5th through 8th graders are responsible for their name tags nightly. Students in grades 5 through 8 not wearing name tags will be given a dress code referral. Accumulation of four dress code referrals will result in restorative formation.


Scouts, Heritage Girls, and other groups approved through administration may wear their uniforms to school on days when group, troop, den, pack meetings, or special events may occur. These uniforms must include identifiable markings and must be in keeping with the overall uniform of the represented group. All pieces must be official group or school uniform (NO jeans).


One Friday of each month is “Spirit Day”. On these days, students may wear an official ICD T-shirt, ICD sweatshirt, or any other ICD logoed shirt with uniform bottoms or the official ICD School sweatpants.  On spirit days, students are allowed to wear a nice white long sleeve shirt under the t-shirts. 

On spirit days, all other policies for dress regarding shoes, socks, jewelry, and makeup remain part of the dress code. At the discretion of the teacher and school administration, the spirit shirts will also be worn on field trips and other special occasions.


At the beginning of the school year, a special 8th grade spirit day t-shirt or sweatshirt will be designed and may be ordered as an optional purchase to be worn by the 8th graders on spirit days. These shirts may be purchased through My School Bucks and will only be available for purchase by eighth graders.


Occasionally a free dress day will be given to students as a reward or for recognition. Free dress days refer to clothing only. The dress code policies for shoes, jewelry, nail polish, makeup, and name tags apply on free dress days and picture days.

Clothing worn on free dress days must be in good taste and must be able to be worn for all normal school activities. Any items of clothing displaying insignia which conveys the image of gang membership, supports the beliefs of hate groups, makes sexual innuendos, promotes drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or anything else that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church is inappropriate for school and will not be allowed. Clothing that supports political candidates is not permitted to be worn at school.


Sleeveless, tank tops, thin strap tops, or bare midriffs are not permitted.


On free dress days, students are allowed to wear nice jeans/pants, including appropriate fitted athletic pants.  Girls may also choose to wear a skirt no shorter than two inches above the kneecap with modesty shorts underneath.  Jeggings, yoga pants, leggings, and/or pajamas are not allowed to be worn.  Pants may not have holes, cuts, frays, or any other type of tearing.


Shorts, at the shortest point of the fabric, must measure below the longest fingertips when arms are at rest.  Low-riding, hip-hugger shorts are not acceptable.


On free dress days, students may wear socks of their choice.


On free dress days, girls may wear boots.  Boots must be well-fitted and should not impede a child’s ability to walk properly. No high-heeled boots are allowed, including cowboy boots.

If children come to school on free dress days, dress down days, or picture days dressed inappropriately, parents will be called to bring other clothing. Students in grades 5 through 8 will receive a dress code referral and parents will be called to bring a full change of clothes for the student. If appropriate clothing is not brought to school, then alternative clothing will be issued to the student. 

A general rule of thumb to use is “when in doubt of the appropriateness of some piece of clothing, don’t wear it”.

No uniform/dress code can cover all eventualities or possibilities. It should be understood that the Principal will have the final decision about acceptable and unacceptable attire.  

Consequences for students who are out of uniform: 

  • Nonessentials will be removed (sweatshirts, sweaters, jewelry, excessive hair clips, etc.) 
  • If the essentials of the uniform are not present, the student will call home and parents will be asked to bring the item to school.
  • Students in grades 5 through 8 who violate the dress code in minor ways, such as a shirt untucked, inappropriate makeup, sweatshirts, jackets while in the building, or skirts rolled up, may receive a dress code referral. Dress code referrals will be tracked separately from conduct referrals. Dress code referrals may result in restorative formation if excessive.  
  • Students in grades K-4 who violate the dress code in minor ways will receive a reminder home. It is expected that parents will help the student to alleviate the dress code issue at hand.