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High School Resources for 8th Grade Parents

Join us for 2 classes, lunch, and fun with your Spartan tour guide. 
We are welcoming boys in grades 7 and 8 now through November. 
Experience a day in the life of a Spartan.  
Register today at desmet.org/admissions
Also, mark your calendar for our
Open House on Sunday, October 23rd from 12 pm to 3 pm!
CBC is now accepting appointments for our Official 8th Grade Visit Program. 
During this visit, a young man will participate in Experience CBC Classes designed especially for 8th-grade students.
This program is by reservation only. Please contact Mrs. Melissa Ryan at (314) 985-6095 or [email protected] to reserve your Official 8th Grade Visit.   Online registration is also available at www.BeaCadet.org/official
  • He will meet with a current CBC student
  • Attend some of his classes
  • Have lunch with him
  • During the CBC Explore Period, he will have the opportunity to meet with teachers, coaches and program moderators to gather detailed information about the things in which he is interested.
sdfsdPriory will be offering scholarships to incoming freshmen who either attend local Catholic schools, have completed a PSR program, or have received the sacrament of Confirmation. This scholarship, named after Monsignor Robert P. Slattery, the founding pastor of St. Anselm Parish, will provide each recipient with an award of $10,000, renewable annually. Through a special essay and application available on our website  https://www.priory.org/admissions/tuition-and-tuition-assistance/scholarship- opportunities-for-9th-grade-entry), eligible candidates will exemplify a commitment to moral and spiritual development and an enthusiasm for contributing to their local parish or Catholic school.

In addition, applicants for our 2023-2024 freshmen class are eligible to receive a Headmaster Award with an annual grant of $4,000 — $9,000 as determined in the first year of enrollment. This award is renewable under certain conditions, including maintaining a 3.0 GPA and other requirements. There is no special application process for this scholarship; recipients will be selected on the basis of their performance on the SSAT, 7th and 8th-grade transcripts, interview, and application essay.