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Registration Documents

  • NEW for 2019-2020 – All tuition payments will be processed through FACTS Tuition Management.  This packet will contain either a FACTS Application, or your renewal letter if you already use FACTS.  NEW APPLICATIONS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A VOIDED CHECK. WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR REGISTRATION PAPERWORK WITHOUT YOUR SIGNED RENEWAL LETTER OR YOUR NEW FACTS APPLICATION AND VOIDED CHECK.  There will be no separate processing fees for any of these agreements. Please note, Option 1 (onetime payment with 2% discount) is still available, but will be processed through an automatic withdrawal by FACTS Tuition Management.

  • NEW for 2019-2020 – Registration fees will be $200 per child.  Total registration fees for families enrolling 4 or more children will be $675.00.  With this increase, we will be eliminating the $50 Family Technology Fee and the $15-$30 Family Supply Fee collected in the fall.

  • We will be accepting Credit & Debit Cards for registration fees and HSO Obligations!  There are NO transaction fees for paying by card!

  • Parents must register their child(ren) in person, with the entire packet of forms completed.  REGISTRATION FORMS AND FEES MUST BE BROUGHT TOGETHER. We will not accept PARTIAL PAPERWORK.

  • The immunization record & verification of physical health form are the ONLY forms we will accept at a later date.  We are required by law to have a current copy of immunization records and verification of a health physical on file in our office. The deadline for these forms is the 2nd week of May.

  • The following records MUST BE submitted if you will be registering a student NEW to ICD School:  birth certificate, baptismal certificate, and, if applicable, divorce decree/parenting plan.  Copies of all these forms can be made at the time of registration.
  • Families registering more than one child may pay the registration fee ($200) for one child and pay the remaining fees for the other children in installments from March 1st through April 30th. By April 30, all registration fees for 2019-2020 must be paid.

For existing ICD School families – to be eligible for registration, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Registration fees for the current school year MUST BE PAID, and TUITION PAYMENTS MUST BE CURRENT unless specific arrangements have been made with ICD’s principal or pastor.
  2. 50% percent of the current year’s HSO obligation - $137.50 must be paid or earned. The remaining $137.50 is due before April 30.
 Full Registration Packet: