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Welcome all to my 7th grade English/Language Arts classroom. I am a new teacher at ICD and excited to get the 2019-2020 school year started. I am a local Saint Louisan, growing up in the Florissant-Hazelwood area until 2006 when my family moved to the Saint Charles area. I attended Orchard Farm High school from 2006-2010. I then attended Fontbonne University from 2010-2014 where I graduated with a dual Bachelor's Degree in English and history. I returned to Fontbonne about a year later to begin working on a graduate degree in teaching. I recently completed my student teaching in the Valley Park School District and graduated from Fontbonne University with my Master of Arts in teaching. 

I believe that learning is best achieved with a firm grasp on the fundamentals. In English that means knowing the elements of writing and how they function together. In my class students can expect to work through the elements of fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry. They can expect to practice vocabulary, grammar, and proper writing techniques. I believe that the best learning comes from discussion as well as hands on practice. I also believe that the best English classes make time for reading, however, the pleasure of reading can only be found when someone finds a story they find worth reading. As an avid reader and comic book collector myself, I know many people find enjoyment in reading a variety of literature. So, I always promote students’ reading what they enjoy when appropriate.