Scrip Updates!

Check your progress now! Here's how:
1. Go to, and log in to your account. 
2. Click on Account (top right) and then Order History.
3. Choose the Order History report option. 
4. Input custom dates of 5/1/22 through today, and click apply.
5. Run report. The Scrip rebate total at the bottom is your earnings for the year.
You need to be at $160 or above to not owe anything for your HSO obligation this year and be able to register for school next year. If you are already there, great! If not, work out a plan now to get there in the next five weeks. For instance, Town Square Pub and Crazy Bowls and Wraps offer 20% rebates. For every $100 purchased, you earn $20 back. So invest in some future meals for your family, and make some quick progress on your obligation earnings today! Order through the RaiseRight app or at Mass this weekend! 
Note that if your family has multiple accounts, the totals for each account will need to be combined. You can do this by contacting anyone buying Scrip on your family's behalf, and having them check their account using the process outlined above. 
Note: Madison's Cafe is changing ownership. They will honor all of Madison's gift certificates through their expiration date. We will be working with the new ownership to see if they would like to participate in the program as well!

Alana Hartman
ICD Scrip Program Coordinator