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21/22 Preschool Handbook Acknowledgement

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ICD Parish Preschool

2021-2022 Parent Acknowledgement

This form should be completed and submitted for each family that has children enrolled in the ICD Parish Preschool.

  • Our family acknowledges we have received a copy of the 2021/2022 ICD Parish Preschool Parent Handbook and that we have read, fully understand, and support the policies and procedures outlined in the Parent Handbook.
  • Our family understands that ICD Parish Preschool has a strong interest in the character and spiritual development of its students and that observance of school policies is part of that development.
  • Our family understands that we are expected to support all school policies and procedures while our child is attending ICD Parish Preschool, even if we have a difference of opinion regarding the policies or procedures themselves.
  • Our family understands that we are expected to maintain a respectful relationship with our child’s teachers, staff, and administrators so concerns can be resolved to best support our child’s learning.
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